DSI Exclusive
Human Resource, Labor and Regulatory Guidance Inclusive with testing **
DSI Medical's outstanding testing services and expeditious result turnaround has resulted in a very loyal client following with 75% of our customer base being serviced by DSI for over a decade. Just as important and sometimes more importantly is the value added service DSI provides. Included in our services is our Director's wealth of knowledge and experience in Human Recourses having served in the transportation industry as the HR and Labor Director for twenty four years. His HR experience was highly concentrated in the area of employment litigation. His labor background specialized in drug and alcohol testing specifically in drafting labor language, grievance and arbitration preparation, and drug and alcohol grievance adjudication. Additionally, he regularly serves as a DOT regulations expert, having been involved in the initial regulatory process emanating from Washington DC with the drafting of 49 CFR Part 40 along with the August 2001 re-write. We remain readably able to provide supportive guidance or interpretation on regulatory matters. Our vast experience encompasses all six DOT operating administrations in addition to the NRC 10 CFR Part 26.

Accordingly, partnering with DSI Medical permits your Company to have an extension and / or adjunct to its Human Resources, Safety, Labor, and Risk departments. DSI Medical Service facilitates in providing support thereby assisting your Company's regulatory responsibilities are in compliance, policy objectives are met, and risk and liability are mitigated. Whether you are seeking help drafting a termination letter, preparing for an unemployment hearing, updating or modifying a policy, or negotiating a contractual labor agreement DSI Medical is available to facilitate the process. All of the additional services are included in our client service agreement.

We go well beyond your typical TPA service with many "values added" services.

DSI Inclusive
Unemployment challenge preparation **
DSI Medical recognizes the challenges employers confront when dealing with unemployment claims when clear violations of the Company policy occur pertaining to drug and alcohol testing. At issue, is conveying to the hearing examiner or administrative law judge a clear, concise, and scientifically sound case demonstrating the unemployment of the claimant was in fact the result of the claimant's actions and their clear violation of the company policy. DSI Medical facilitates that process by providing defensible documentation, position statements, and support to negate the ambiguity often introduced by the claimant and frequently entertained by the hearing examiner.

Our process educates the hearing examiner or administrative law judge rendering the decision. By substantiating the laboratory findings, validating the final medical review officer (MRO) ruling, and demonstrating clear Company policy violation, the official issuing a "benefits denied ruling" rest assured their decision is sound, defensible, and will withstand any challenges.

DSI Inclusive
Policy Review and/or Development **
Many Companies fail to recognize the importance and defensibility of its Substance Abuse Policy. It is often overlooked, outdated, and fails to withstand legal challenges.

Your Company's Substance Abuse Policy is critical as its serves as the official position and stance of the Company regarding drugs and alcohol in the workplace and its testing policy.

It is a legal document that frequently demonstrates its shortcomings and deficiencies during some form of future litigation that poses extensive liability. Quite often, employers adopt a "boiler plate language" Substance Abuse Policy that cites company position and regurgitates regulatory language. As we all know, regulations change, new drugs are introduced to the market, and the policy is vague, outdated, and not concise nor on point.

DSI Medical recognizes the importance of your Company's Substance Abuse Policy as it serves as the "road map" and establishes the position of the Company and its desire to enforce a drug-free workplace. It is your policy that is subject to legal scrutiny and review when challenges arise.

Is yours defensible?

DSI Medical facilitates policy development and /or review. It commences with communication, by DSI asking the strategic, detailed, questions, and developing a clear and concise position that the principal decision makers or legal department desire. We facilitate the drafting of a new or present policy review and make suggestions that insure the Company drug-free workplace objective is met and the policy is current, sound and defensible.

** DSI Medical provides Third Party Administrative Program Support. The advice or guidance supplied by DSI Medical Services should be reviewed with your company's legal counsel.

Peace of mind
All too often our job responsibilities are vast and far reaching, “our plates are full” as they say; however, substance abuse testing need not be a source of worry and anxiety.  When you partner with DSI Medical we deliver with exceptional service and an array of ancillary services to make your job easier. Gone are the days reviewing pages and pages of regulations, no longer do you think “How do I handle this”? As a DSI client we are there to help, we provide the guidance and support that assures you’re making sound decisions and issuing clear Company directives.
Fast result turnaround, the DSI website for result retrieval and random selection review,   collection site network that offers substantial savings, a skilled and knowledgeable staff immediately available by phone and e-mail, and guidance and support unparallel to industry standards. All are just some of the reasons that clients who partner with DSI stay with DSI.

20 + years of industry-leading  communication, service and support

Fast, reliable, confidential results – above industry standards
At DSI Medical you will receive next day results on normal negatives and normal non-negatives within an additional 24-48 hours.  You can access these results via our confidential, secure website 24 hours per day with your internet device.  You may also choose to have your results sent via email or auto-fax.

Extremely knowledgeable staff with over 150 years industry experience
DSI Medical has a staff of knowledgeable, articulate, and problem solving team members with over 150 combined years experience in substance abuse testing. Most of the DSI team possess  between ten to twenty -five years of service.   We recognize your immediate need for a response, guidance / interpretation, or clearing a safety sensitive employee for hire. Our response is urgent. We do not have an automated telephone system requiring endless prompts by you are client to get answers. Nor do we have a customer service pool of lower paid clerks who are unable to respond to your need, and instead transfer your call requiring repeating your request.

The DSI group of professionals answers your call, responds to your request, conferences a technical expert if necessary, or promptly returns your call following technical guidance.  Most importantly, we assure the client need is addressed and attended in an expeditious manner that is both timely and professional.  
With the continuing ever changing regulatory process (both State & Federal) your receiving comprehensive and current information is our goal. Our staff regularly trains and remains abreast of the industry changes and developments. Our expertise, takes the anxiety out of your testing program.

DSI Medical’s continued growth and success comes primarily from our present client recommendations, “word of mouth”, and a loyal client following that we do not take for granted.  We work hard every day recognizing your problem is our opportunity to demonstrate what we do with superiority; assure your Company’s testing program runs smoothly. Call us today let us show you our: “Commitment to Excellence”

Confidential, Secure Website reporting
You will have access to DSI Medical’s secure, confidential, password protected website.  You will be able to manage your entire program directly from the DSI Website.  If you desire, you can choose to automatically receive an email each time a result is posted.  You will also be notified electronically each time a MRO copy is missing.  Rest assured our staff is diligently contacting collection sites and retrieving missing MRO copies.  Gone are the days of 5 days passing before you find out the result is pending due to missing MRO copy.  You will also have the ability to select alternative random selections electronically and automatically.  You can access DSI Medical’s website from anywhere, anyplace and rest assured that the data can’t be seen by anyone other than the logged in user.  DSI Medical has the ability to view full logging and audit trail of DSI Website user activity.

Random Selection Services
DSI Medical provides expert random selection services for drug and alcohol testing.  Our selection process involves randomly choosing individuals from the primary drug testing pool and if mandated, or if customer chooses to, a subsequent percentage for alcohol selection.  This method provides the most cost effective way for your company to meet DOT and/or Company requirements. 

DSI’s random program will allow you to:
  • Post pool updates via secure website.
  • Request alternative random selections automatically and electronically via secure website.
  • Access random statistics via secure website.
  • Generate Random Notification Letter via secure website.

Customized On-site training
DSI can provide training, via telephone or in person at your site, to meet Federal, State and Company specific mandates.  Whether it is employee, supervisor or other members of your organizations, DSI Medical has the right individuals with the proper experience to train and guide your organization to meet their objectives.

Nationwide Collection Sites & Breath Alcohol Testing Services
DSI Medical has built a nationwide collection site network that will fulfill your drug and alcohol testing needs:
  • 1,200 Low Cost Patient Service Centers
  • 1,400 Value Priced Preferred Collection Sites
  • 5,000 Third Party Collection Sites

Emergency 24 hour collection sites concierge service
Accidents, unfortunately, seem to happen when and where your normal service providers aren’t providing service.  At DSI Medical, you are only one call away from emergency service.  Whether you take advantage of having an on-site collector dispatched to a safe area to collect a specimen or take advantage of our concierge collection site locator service, it is available to you at two o’clock in the afternoon or two o’clock in the morning. 

Nationwide 24 hour onsite collections
Many companies have found that having a collector come to their site provides better service and can provide cost savings due to less time away from the workplace for employees and supervisors and decreased liability due to employees and/or supervisors not  traveling to and from collection sites.

Cost Savings
DSI Customers typically save 10-20% overall savings when compared to their former vendors total cost.  Contact DSI Medical today for a free, no obligation cost comparison today.